Gentle reminder because I am seeing this a lot lately in “spiritual” communities…

If someone, anyone tries to PUSH you past where you are in your conscious awareness, at this very moment, without you requesting the push use discernment.

I am seeing a lot of “spiritual” communities throwing around very disempowering patterns.
I am seeing “spiritual” rules being created, tribes forming, and if you do not look, think, or agree exactly as the tribe they manipulate terms that people use to empower people as weapons of mass illusion.

If you are in a “spiritual” community, here are a few red flags to watch out for:

If you disagree with anything they say and refuse to agree they say you are being “triggered.”
* A trigger is a vibrational frequency that is being plucked within YOU. It is showing YOU a program or glitch that wants released. It is for your benefit no one else’s!

You not agreeing with other people’s perspectives and getting annoyed when they keep pushing is NOT a trigger!!! It is them crossing your boundaries and pushing you into something you don’t agree with. It isn’t part of your path now or maybe ever. It isn’t their choice to decide for you!!! That is a egoic superiority complex…a violation of your sovereignty as a soul.

If they tell you “cognitive dissonance” is why you cannot agree with them.
* Cognitive Dissonance is having two opposing thoughts at the same time. Such as I want to go out tonight, but I’m tired. (A very simple example?)

Cognitive dissonance is NOT having your own thought or perspective about something and someone else trying to convince you of theirs!! Again, disempowering!!

The original context of both terms are to empower the INDIVIDUAL…to help them see themselves clearly! Not force people into agreeing with someone else.

If someone in your spiritual community yells at you, calls you unconscious, not awake, a sheep, or otherwise it is a red flag. It means They NEED people to agree with them to feel safe in their reality because they haven’t mastered it yet. It feeds the ego.

We live in a time of fast spiritual consciousness. What used to take years or lifetimes to master people want in minutes. People join groups, read books, take workshops, travel to foreign places and spend a week learning something from elders, take hallucinogenic herbs to go on a vision quest, etc wanting instant transformation.

The problem is old programs and layers must be released first! Deep soul retrieval and reconnecting done. One must integrate the ego for a strong foundation. If not, ego takes over their spiritual journey. The journey becomes about “knowing what is best for humanity and humanity needs me to teach them (wake them up) whether they agree or ask for my assistance or not.” They force, push, try to make everyone in their image. Soul sovereignty is overlooked.

This journey takes time and practice. It isn’t a one week or couple month “initiation.” It starts as a firewalk…burning away layers that block YOUR sight of self!! If someone is not allowing YOU in YOUR journey…run.

Sovereign Souls Rise Up.