Illusion To Illumination

Let’s go back to the basics…back to the beginning to fully understand the task at hand when we discuss ascension.

Firstly Ascension, by definition, means the act of rising to an important position or a higher level. In spiritual terms, our consciousness is ascending. Consciousness is a state of being awake and aware, so ascension within this context means that we are aware of the density within our consciousness ( conscious, subconscious & unconscious) that we have picked up through eons of programming, agreements, manipulation, and binding, etc, and are awakening into our true sight.

In order to truly ascend within this dynamic, we cannot fluff talk our way into it because this all happens via our vibratory rate to change our frequency…meaning it is at a energetic level. We must authentically become aware of the density (trauma/drama energy) we have accumulated over lifetimes that lowers our vibratory rate and frequency. The lower the vibration, the slower the vibration; the higher the vibration the faster the vibration. Feelings of fear, grief and despair vibrate at a very low frequency, the feelings of love, joy and gratitude vibrate much quicker. This is exactly why fluff talk (stay positive even when you purge; love & light all the time; etc) will NEVER work. Every time you avoid, resist, and suppress dense (slow) emotions they remain within your body & energetic field. You are not increasing your vibratory rate and frequency because those emotions (energy) are locking you into a slower rate. How will you rise into ascension if you are vibrating to slow because you never release the density? You won’t! At least not authentically.

When you are trying to raise your frequency because you have the conscious awareness about your limiting patterns, but cannot due to subconscious/unconscious pain expectation patterning from lifetimes of trauma, programming, agreements, etc it creates cognitive dissonance. It creates a energetic gap between where you are and where you desire to be that will further frustrate you…further lock your energy into a dense vibratory rate and frequency. Creating a never ending loop.

This can lock people into their knowing, or ego, or judgment of the journey because they can go no further (without outside help to clearly see the subconscious or unconscious patterns), but they cannot see they have not reached their intended destination. This is why we see such rigid “rules” from these people about how to ascend into higher states of consciousness (ascension). They truly believe they have true sight and the knowing to share with others on how to reach it too, but true sight is true sight of SELF! This journey is a individual journey deeper into yourself! Into your forgotten wisdom, divine connection, and clarity of soul’s truth. This should never be “told” to you. You must remember via your inner works and revelations. Seers and healers can guide you deeper into it, assist in sparking your memory, or release density that is ready to release so you can see clearer, but they should never tell you what you have to do to reach it. That is coercing you and often times manipulating you onto their path.

We are beginning a pivotal time for humanities grand awakening. In order to ensure that it successfully leads the majority into another “Golden Age” it is recommended to be diligent with our energy as individuals. To be responsible consumers…be conscious about what energies we consume daily via media, food, water, EMF, people, etc. What we consume becomes part of our energy. What are you taking in daily? Fear propaganda? Separation consciousness? Neurotoxin chemicals into your body? Electromagnetic Frequencies that influence your energetic field? People that feed off your power?

It is imperative to use discernment with all things that could potentially influence our mind, body, or spirit out of true sight! There are many things that we are confronted with daily that can adversely influence our consciousness, pull us out of our power, and repattern our perspectives. Repatterning our perspectives is what has caused the deep wounding we are currently releasing as a collective. Since 2013, deep collective religious, race, and gender wounds have been surfacing for release. The historical truth about humanity, as a whole, has been all but erased and rewrote. Because very few people know our true history, our real wounds, these deep cellular purges cause the majority to act out against one another only deepening the separation consciousness that is causing the suffering in the first place. The releases would help people see that we are all one within the living grid. We have all played many roles within this grid and we are not limited by who we appear to be currently.

It is my intention to go deeper and deeper into our historical wounding as we continue to move through these collective purges to create more understanding of the process. To unveil the truth. So please stay tuned if this resonates.

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