One On One Sessions

Intuitive Counseling Session

Are you ready to fully awaken to your life purpose and step into a more authentic you?

Now is the time you have been waiting for…With assistance from the highest guidance available, I will help you unlock the doors to your greatest potential, abundance, success, and joy.

I scan all of your energy fields to balance and release all that no longer serves your highest good. I release your blocks only to a comfortable level that will not cause you to release too much too fast causing you a rebound period. You will feel a huge difference, but this gives your mind a chance to process and sync with soul so you are still doing the work to progress your soul. I read into past lives you may still have in your energy field that are causing you to subconsciously loop back into patterns or behaviors from that life time, but are no longer needed. I will also read gifts you received from past lives that will serve you now so you can awaken to them and use them along your path now.

We will discuss the best possible steps to take in creating the life you desire. Paths that are open and that are fully supported in all directions to create the life you desire effortlessly. We will discuss patterns and behaviors that no longer support your growth so they can be eliminated once and for all. We will discuss any and all issues with power struggle or loss of power so you can regain your full strength, vitality, and power. I will also preform a Soul Retrieval session, if necessary.

I will open all of your energy fields to a balanced state for optimal mind, body, spirit connection. I will increase the flow to your higher self and intuition which will bring you a profound sense of trust and faith in yourself and decision making abilities. I will open and release any and all heart chakra imbalances so you can feel unconditional love in all forms. And I will cleanse your aura so you are only feeling NOW. I will bless and charge all energy centers and assist you in making a request to all of your soul tribe, so you can clearly hear, see, feel, and know all of their divine guidance and act accordingly.

This session is completely tailored to your specific needs, so if more needs to be done or completed rest assured that it will be done in divine order!

Intuitive Counseling sessions are done via a private toll-free conference line so it can be recorded.


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