Soulfull Travel BootCamp

Soulfull Travel Near Life Experience Bootcamp

Struggling to create a life of Abundance, Passion, Unconditional Love, and Purpose?

(Even when you have read every book, taken every class imaginable, and worked your Manifesting Mojo to the bone.)

Good News! Creating the Life of your Dreams doesn’t require a magic formula, hours of meditation or positive affirmations until your brain explodes!

The Life of your Dreams isn’t something you have to work hard at or devote hours a day to achieving…It is the exact opposite!!!

When you are aligned with your Soul, Passion, and Purpose everything flows with Ease and Grace. That is THE magic! When you force the magic in your life there is a limiting thought or belief about lack that is tripping you up.

I am here to bust those beliefs to clear the path of Abundance in ALL areas of your life!

At the SoulFull Travel Near Life Experience Bootcamp

I will lovingly guide you through the ENTIRE process of releasing everything that no longer serves you…

  • Do you wake up every morning dreading the day?
  • Are you sick of working at a job that doesn’t honor your unique skills and creativity?
  • Are you living on autopilot constantly waiting for your life to really begin?
  • Do you find yourself saying “when this happens..” I can live my dreams?
  • Do you feel anxious about money matters? Always thinking there isn’t enough?
  • Do you feel like you are a magnet for disastrous relationships? Wondering why you are attracting Mr/Miss Wrong?

During the SoulFull Travel Near Life Experience Bootcamp we will get to the bottom of these limiting beliefs and delete them once and for all!

We will replace every inch of this yuckery with all that makes your heart sing!

The SoulFull Travel NLE Bootcamp is monthly support and Community designed to reprogram your SoulFull mindset and revolutionize your Abundance Mojo!

You will have access to:

  • Proven Manifesting tips that are no nonsense & effortless
  • Guidance on transforming your life into one that has you screaming “hell YES” every day
  • Easy steps to discover your Soul Purpose & Passion
  • Learn how to let your desire lead the way to a life that flows & is effortless
  • Learn to listen to your Soul guidance and take actionable steps leading to the life of your dreams
  • Increase your Personal Power and Integrity to set healthy boundaries
    Increase Self-Love
  • Set Clear Intentions, so the Universe will deliver all you desire
  • Create the Abundance you need to live the life you deserve
  • How to recognize Soul relationships and build strong foundations in Love
  • How to live Fearlessly
  • How to live life from a heart/mind connection

All of us start the journey to be the biggest version of ourselves possible from somewhere and most of the time it is a place that brought us to our knees. A place that makes us scream “enough is enough! I deserve something better than this. I need something more than this.”

My story is no different…an abusive relationship that made me question every part of myself. My capabilities, my desires, my dreams, my ability to create, and my ability to manifest greatness in my life. Like most, I had dreams and aspirations for myself. I dreamed of a life that was my own creation and made me come alive; that Fueled me with passion every day. But, it wasn’t until I realized that I DESERVED this life that it started to take form. I had to release some deep negative thoughts that blocked my abundance in all areas of life before I would see real changes. As an Intuitive Counselor, I knew exactly what I needed to do and I spent some much needed time reconnecting with my soul.

I had spent years believing that what I wanted wasn’t possible. Believing that I wasn’t “worth” my desires. That I would never attract the life of my dreams. I didn’t treat myself with the honor I deserved. I spent little time loving myself because I mistakenly believed it was selfish.

Nothing punishes us! Everything responds to our relationship with ourselves. If we love ourselves, we attract people that love us. If we believe we attract abundance around every corner, we do. If we believe living the life of our dreams is possible, it is! That simple. No crazy formula to follow, no tricks to memorize, and no fuss!

The key is eliminating your own self imposed beliefs about yourself! Eliminating the lack and limitation mindset and replacing it with a SoulFull Traveler master mindset. The process is easier than most of us have been taught or imagine…the “trick” is knowing where to look and how to respond once you find those pesky beliefs. This is where I come in!

I have used the same methods I share here to transform my own life. I found the strength and courage to leave my abusive relationship and start again. I started over leaving multi-million dollar companies that we had built from the ground up. I left all of the income sources and contacts I had relied on for over a decade to start my life over, but on my own terms. I was a single mom back at the drawing board of life. I was terrified to leave everything behind and start again, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I created the life of my dreams.

I quickly discovered that this new, positive space was the perfect environment for me to really listen to what I wanted and needed. I had spent years getting my degree in Behavioral Therapy, Certifications in Laughter Yoga, Intuitive Counseling, Life Coaching, and Inter-Faith Ministries to only practice them in a “hobby” setting because my married life came first. Now I could work MY passion.

First I had to come face to face with my limiting and lack beliefs. My fears slowly started to creep in and I began the journey of learning how to live in harmony with beliefs when they made an appearance. I had to learn to stare down my demons and transform them into the stepping stones of building the life of my dreams. I quickly began to see my life transform into what I had always desired with ease and grace. Opportunity after opportunity appeared that was aligned with my soul’s desire. I had always wanted to travel the world as an Intuitive Counselor, but didn’t know HOW to make it a reality. I quickly learned that I didn’t need to know how…my desire brought it to me with no effort on my part.

I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Morocco, Africa. I had always wanted to go to Africa, so I was ecstatic! I had never traveled internationally and couldn’t wait to start my long over due adventures. I had an amazing time and made many new friends. Upon arriving home the opportunity arose for me to partner up with the guides I had in Africa as an Intuitive Counselor! We created a travel company that is what I always wanted and dreamed of effortlessly! Everything just came together. Once I decided to say “yes” to every opportunity offered to me and let go of my limiting beliefs I didn’t have to “make” my life and dreams happen…they just did. If I wanted it, I was given the opportunity.

I am writing this while staying in Morocco for two months! I am proof the techniques I will share with you in this bootcamp work effortlessly! In less then a year I have manifested the business of my dreams, the life of my dreams, a relationship that meets me at a soul level, and wake up passionate about my life! I am abundant indeed! New ideas and inspiration flow with ease and grace.

And if you are thinking “this is all great Chameice, but I don’t know where to begin…I have so many limit and lack patterns that I do not believe my life will transform as effortlessly” I have more amazing tools to offer…

I will use my gifts as an Intuitive Counselor to clear your energy field of limiting and lack energy. Not only once when you sign up for the bootcamp, but every single month that you are a member! Because I know that as we go deeper and deeper into your development new beliefs may surface and I want to support you every step of the way!

I will also perform weekly manifestation requests where you can ask for assistance in amplifying your desires for faster results! As a SoulFull Travel community we are here to support each other’s growth. Souls gathered together in support magnify each other’s desires for rapid manifestation! I will hold the space monthly to support each and every dream and desire, no matter how big or small!

I have spent years practicing these methods to make them fool-proof. After transforming my life and the lives of my clients into abundance and bliss I knew I was on to something. I broke it down into a straight-forward, actionable process. One that you can repeat time and time again with amazing results. You can apply the process to any part of your life that you want to increase your abundance factor!

Normally, I charge $388 for one session! You will be receiving continued support monthly with access to live Q & A, monthly energy tune-ups, tips, tools, access to our private Facebook group, access to monthly group calls that provide live SoulFull sharing, a monthly support MP3, and a divine community of cosmic cheerleaders to support your growth all for only $38 a month!

You will learn:

  • How to become a Master Manifestor
  • How discover your Soul’s Purpose
  • How to live Abundantly
  • How to attract your Soul’s Twin Flame (better than Soulmate!)
  • How to improve all relationships in your life
  • How to rock your Integrity and set loving boundaries
  • How to grow positivity that feeds your desires daily
  • How to clear limit blocks effortlessly
  • Self-Love habits that create the flow of passion
  • Learn to listen to your heart & soul
  • Fearless Living
  • How to create the life you deserve!

You will learn all of this through practical, easy to action methods monthly. You will learn just how easy living the life of your dreams can be and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! You are here for a reason. Your soul is requesting your assistance to rock out your dreams. It lead you here for a little push in the direction of your desire. Listen, dear one, it is supporting your every step.

On the first Friday of every month, I will provide a Near Life Experience group call along with a MP3 specifically created to support a FULL Life Experience. They help you gain clarity about what you want less of in your life, what you want more of, help you hear your soul’s promptings clearly, and help you create the momentum and drive to make it a reality.

These group calls are energetic support for all of the amazing progress you have and will make along your journey. Each call will be tailored to the specific energy challenges of the month to assist you in gliding through the month to easily maintain focus, clarity, and direction.

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A recording of the group call will be emailed to you for future use along with the support MP3 after the live call.

ALL group call replays are just as effective as the live call. The energies and downloads are just as powerful in the replay, so if you are unable to attend live you will receive the same benefits.

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Priestess of Possibility & Your Cosmic Cheerleader

Chameice Daniel is a lover of life and travel. She can be found dreaming of faraway places, playing with moonbeams, Angels, and all things that sparkle, drinking jasmine tea with honey, and usually has paint or dirt under her fingernails. She has a wicked sense of humor and laughs with all that comes at her. She loves a good mystery and relishes life’s irony. She is a lover of all things from the heart and soul, a poet of desire, and observer of life’s dance.

She is a Intuitive Counselor by trade, but is passionate about all matters of the heart with 20 years experience as a change agent of love. She loves helping people discover the most authentic version of themself possible, uncovering the great mysteries of their lives, and how to masterfully create the meaning and abundance they desire.

She is a natural intuitive and channel of the divine with an academic background in psychology. She holds honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics Certificates. She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor through Dr Madan Kataria, a Certified Archangel Life Coach and Angel Card Reader through Charles Virtue , Peace Ambassador through James O’Dea, and Inter-Faith Minister through The New Seminary with years of Shamanic healing training and initiation into the Isis Mystery School. She is an expert at holding a loving and peaceful space for personal transformation and deeply connecting with your deepest dreams and desires.


You can read some of my clients’ testimonials about my work, and when you feel ready, schedule a session for yourself.