Sovereign Souls

As long as our focus remains on the external to explain the chaos, our suffering, we remain distracted. We remain unable to see ourselves, our wounding that influences our choices, or our lives clearly because we are always focused externally. We are unable to step into our power to release ourselves and create a new experience.


When we do not go Within to discover the truth of who we are we cannot see what we are carrying within. We cannot see our wounding. We cannot see our shadows. We cannot see the manipulation we have endured due to eons of Ancestral, Cultural, Religious, Historic, Genetic programming and the dissonance it has created within our consciousness. Therefore, we can not release nor heal it because we do not have the clarity of true sight or a clear connection to Source because we are suffocating on the inside.  We sense a separation, but are not consciously aware that we cannot heal it by always focusing “out there” instead of within. All separation dynamics will then be highlighted in our environment in a attempt to show us what has been created within, but due to never going within we always only see it “out there.” Our internal separation remains and we move into blaming “out there.” This is often referred to as the mirror dynamic.


(This dynamic no longer exists in this way when you reach deeper levels of clarity and conscious awareness because you have done the inner work; you instantly discern what is yours or someone else’s. Be honest with yourself and discern when mirrors are showing you something within or when it is someone else’s imbalance that THEY need to take responsibility for.)  


When our focal point is within, we remain in a balanced state. We are in harmony and are not distracted by the unraveling that the collective is experiencing as it awakens to the truth of all that has been, is, and will be. There is a natural ebb and flow to life that we observe and respect…we allow the divinity of life to unfold before us. This is why the attempts to distract us into separation consciousness is increasing…it prevents us from the doing the internal and experiential work.


External distraction (fear/separation) keeps us locked into a blame cycle, created by a wounding cycle, that has spanned eons…a wounding cycle that has been experienced by ALL regardless of race, religion, or gender…it has inflicted thus infected EVERY being upon this physical plane and it was done INTENTIONALLY. The malevolent beings  that became trapped here eons ago needed to devise a way to energetically “feed” off of the inhabitants here because they cannot connect into Source energy. They are energetically “fed” by fear, chaos, turmoil, suffering, etc, so they orchestrated a massive wounding cycle that would keep the inhabitants in perpetual fear and it is still running currently. It is a systematic destabilization and disconnection of sovereignty that spanned eons…beginning with wiping out sovereign indigenous tribes across the world.

Indigenous cultures were the wisdom keepers. They had true sight of self; they understood their connection to all that is, held it in reverence, and worked in harmony with all of the physical and metaphysical planes of existence. Everyone within the tribe had a position of purpose. They knew how to gather natural resources for food and lodging, they knew about medicinal herbs/energetics/resonances for healing, and their leaders were “awakened” ones that guided the tribe. The leaders were often recognized at birth as being an “awakened” one, they trained in the ancient “mystery” ways, were initiated, and went through various rites of passage and journeys to become energetically “crowned” (this is often depicted as the “halo” seen in paintings). They would often wear the symbol of the snake. This had many meanings…the “shedding” they went through during the journeys, the rising of serpent energy up the spine, etc.


It was all of these sovereign practices that made indigenous tribes targets. If the malevolent beings were to have a “food” supply on this planet they had to knock the inhabitants out of sovereignty. While sovereign, they were in their POWER. They could not be controlled by fear. So the mass extinction/reformation of the indigenous cultures began. The malevolent beings began influencing spiritually weak inhabitants to go against their own, by any means necessary, with promises of positions of power or abundance…so began the near extinction of the “crowned” ones, beginning humanities collective wounding cycle.


The malevolent beings placed the spiritually weak and easily influenced humans in positions of power by creating systems to control the mind, body, and spirit of the inhabitants of the world… systems of government, medicine, and religion to control and monetize the inhabitants of the world.


The governmental system controlled the mind. It created laws that punished those that did not follow said laws…laws governing and controlling all essentials to life. Property, money, food, etc. All of which could be taken away if you do not “follow” the law, thus controlling the mind by thrusting it into survival consciousness. Creating the law abiding citizen mentality that begins to self govern.


The medical system controlled the body. The mediums of control have currently grown into more laws that govern our bodies, as well. They govern and control what medical treatments we can have based on insurance/affordability, our use/coverage of naturopathic medicine, medications, etc. They can take away our children/arrest us if we do not agree with potentially dangerous medical treatments for our children, made some medicinal herbs illegal because they were competition for their synthetic version that they could charge exuberant amounts for, on and on.


The religious system controlled the spirit. Religious establishments dictate and control access to “God.” Religious leaders define the parameters of divine connection and only allow those that have been indoctrinated into their belief structure to be intermediaries between “God” and followers. This system holds followers salvation hostage. Religious leaders control who receives salvation and who does not based solely on their discretion of “faithful” servant. Religious leaders can influence their followers to seek out the “non believers” and kill them in the name of their faith. Millions have done this throughout history to “prove” their obedience to the religion. Wars in the name of “Gods” have caused more loss of life then any other system due to salvation withholding.


The greatest cost of life was to the indigenous wisdom keepers through out time that possessed a authentic Source connection. They were considered a threat to religious establishment because they did not need a intermediary to Source and they could teach others the “mysteries.” Mystery schools were once reserved for the “awakened” ones; Tribal members that were born remembering (awakened) their divine connection and wisdom would attend schools for training. When the “awakened” or “crowned” ones began to be hunted, the “mystery” teachings were taught in secret as to not be killed for possessing forbidden knowledge. That’s when the emergence of secret societies that taught “mystery” teachings began.


The hunting of those that possessed what religious leaders considered forbidden power or wisdom spread to every continent; Claiming the lives of anyone that lived in sovereignty. Herbalists, midwives, alchemists, astrologers, artists, philosophers, and scientists became religious targets, were killed, and labeled heretics. Religious leaders labeled the symbol of the snake, the symbol used by the “awakened” ones, as evil and forbidden. When we hear stories, like St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland, it is a reference to killing/sending the “awakened” ones into hiding. 


Due to the suffering and death that these systems caused, most of humanity (the collective) began to fear their innate wisdom and power. They began to self govern and self sabotage due to past life, ancestral, collective, or current system based trauma. Humanity became more and more dependent upon the very systems that enslaved them. Until they no longer remembered how to be sovereign. The systematic causation point of the deep wounding long forgotten and history rewrote by the very perpetrators themselves caused humanity to blame one another for the suffering instead of the perpetrators. Checkmate                         


On December 21 2012, Earth began a new 26,000 year cycle. Many people have postulated that Earth has now entered the Photon Belt; A photon is the smallest discrete amount (quantum) of electromagnetic radiation. The theory is the electromagnetic radiation will trigger humanity to raise in consciousness. A “triggering” has definitely begun. Humanity has begun purging the deep wounding that they have experienced for eons. We can observe this purge happening throughout the collective within the many “movements” currently in play. Most of them are rooted in blame and separation consciousness (me vs them).


The wounding loop begins with a internal trauma triggering during a purge. Instead of understanding the triggering is trying to release long held trauma within, they focus on the external, blaming everyone around them. Never able to release the trauma due to their exterior focus, they act out their anger and frustration onto someone, triggering that person’s trauma…creating a wounding loop between more and more members of humanity. Do to most of the “awakened” ones being exterminated, very few people have access to the guidance of the “awakened” ones (the true wisdom keepers) that could help them understand the wounding cycle to free themselves.

Being truly “awakened” means you have taken the experiential, internal journeys into the shadow realms. You have done the soul’s walk about into the dark nights…each time releasing the veils of illusion into true sight. Initiation into crowning.

Many throughout time have wore the false crown given to them from the external, but very few have the crown earned through the internal journeys. The energetic crown earned from lifetimes of releasing illusion and delusion. The “awakened” ones know the internal path one needs to walk during the release (purge) of wounding. How to release the internal consciousness programs, agreements, vows, etc that bind people into being a slave, feeding the system. Without the “awakened” ones guidance, people focus on the external distractions created by the system or the purge that keep them looped in the wounds via fear and blame. They never release the internal wounding…they never regain their sovereignty.


The only true path into sovereignty requires following the path of the heart. It requires releasing the wounding to experience unconditional love…first towards self (internally) then towards others (externally). The journey always begins within and radiates out. This is only the beginning of true sight. This is the first step into aligned consciousness. To sovereignty