I would really recommend listening to the replay with Chameice and investing in her package! Chameice has a very fine high frequency heart-based energy, she is truly committed to empowering people. She is able to connect us with the depth of our Soul!❤?Her personal reading is amazing, I felt so much Lightness and Hope!

Anna Ferrero

Hello beautiful ones, I would like to share my experience of my 1 to 1 session with Chameice Daniel which took place a few weeks ago. Frankly speaking, this is just for the purpose of expressing my gratitude and of course for me to acknowledge the significant shift that happened and still happening otherwise it won’t be easy for me to describe what’s happened and is still happening up now. As far as scanning my energetics, Chameice Daniel was 100% spot on but what stunned me further was how she was able to gently blow off the debris and wipe out the negative imprints or energetic shadows of my old patterns leaving my fields spacious! While she did it, I didn’t even feel it…. Whereas I had done so much work previously over the years and I had lifted off so much gunk, it looks like most of the gunk was still floating about in my fields and in the places where it’d previously been stored the marks remained. For this reason I had felt no difference within myself and kept myself on the clearing wheel. Chameice managed to help me get off the clearing wheel or rather the clearing conveyor belt. I felt at home right before the end of the session. That night I slept. I was so peaceful; for the first time in years I turned off my computer (I didn’t have to put any MP3 on loop), I felt liberated! A few days later I was inspired to launch a Charitable Platform and I am now writing a book!.My MEMORY is back! Thank you Eram, for bringing Chameice and all the other beautiful devoted way showers to us. Thank You, thank you, thank you.

Anne Hlatshwayo

If you ever have a chance to work with Chameice Daniel you’ll be in not only for a great treat but for such a life changing and empowering journey! Chameice has a very unique approach – she is not just a great healer, intuitive and coach – she is also empowering you every step of the way and teaching you necessary tools that help you know yourself so much deeper. I love Chameice’s heart, her energy, wisdom, and kindness ???

Angela Raine

WOW & Thank you. That call last night was amazing. You are a true light worker. I now know what that means to me. Someone who shines so brightly that they need no words. It is their light that shines on our defects & brings out the lessons we need to learn. It is their light that shines on us so that we are inspired to give ourselves permission to step into our full light & become a light worker. It is our choice which way we want to go. The people who instill limiting beliefs with their words are not light workers. They are simply teachers through resistance. Light workers teach through grace & a state of being. I choose to step into my light in order to fulfill my higher purpose to heal the world. I will be the star that I was created from. I release the ideas that were put upon me. I embrace all the light others have shined on me to teach me. I don’t need to say anything or do anything to heal the world. I need just be bright & present. Thank you Chameice for teaching me & being an example of how I want to go about the world. Thank you for lighting up my path. Super Love you!!!

Hilary Greer

So grateful for my one-on-one-session yesterday!! Fantastic!! I have felt vibrant, energetic and Happy today! And I have already started taking inspired steps towards My amazing future! I have even felt passionate feelings today! And i booked a seat to go to a musical – important for me!Feels so fantastic in so many ways!! The tools and what you shared has helped me so much already!!! ??Thank you so much Chameice!!!

Martina Lennstam

Dearest Chamiece, it is only day 1 after my session with you and i can feel your continued support (thank you) I had some dreams last night about a powerful woman and how I grasp the lightening shooting from her hands, whilst just before that I was doing and shown how to work together to uproot a tree root with a hand full of other woman… team working together! I was releasing the program and embracing the way! I have also been feeling the great importance and gift of idea that you so graciously passed on to me.. as in within the crystals…the ideas are flowing.. “including grid working” the visions and flashes of ideas flowing with signs so easily read ( 1 example.. someone passed me an item in a shop which had the word Hopi lol)”yes i need to go there”!!! Realizing i have already bags of little crystals that i once didn’t know what to really use for and how i can integrate crystal griding with my spirit dancing! You are an absolute gem and i’m so happy and deeply touched that we have crossed paths to assist me on my journey… like spirit sisters that assist each other on and within all our individual paths and journeys on earth or where ever else and in whatever time that exists.. it is a great honor crossing paths in this time with you ??????????

Sherene Judd

Thank you for my session, Chameice. I’ve already begun to implement one of your suggestions. I signed up to spend a weekend learning 5 different crafts at my former college. I’m looking forward to more creative experiences – and am especially grateful for your continuing support over the next 21 days. I can’t thank you enough. Your words resonate and fill me with hope.

Germaine Kritzer Koomen

Wow!! What an insightful one on one I had with Chameice yesterday. Thank you so much for the guidance. I’m so happy and excited for what the future will unfold for me. My heart space thanks you and thank you for helping me to realize my purpose. Much love and appreciation ??

Sandy Teichert

Hi Chameice, I loved the call today. When we were with Kali Mah in front of the fire — she was looking at me and then said and led me to the fire– walk in and sit in the fire and release it all — all the past, the childhood, the loves, the losses, the winnings all everything that is no longer you– sit and watch it burn out of you and release it all — it no longer serves you at all. This was one of the most powerful meditations. Also when we met with our High Priestess within us and she handed back the flowers — there was an open check from the Universe. I see this as a positive sign that although I need to slow down and ask and wait and receive — I am on track for my new business. The Tibetan singing bowls are supposed to arrive on Wednesday however the New England area is due for a snowstorm Tuesday — this will delay delivery. I still have to find a place that will be willing to allow me to give 10 free sessions for my certification too. I have requested an answer to that and feel in my bones that it will come when the bowls actually get here. Love this meditation! This was great work on the Full Moon and I really feel different even more so now. I am planning on a nurturing sea salt / lavender bath to relax and release lingering energies so that I can meet tomorrow fully released from that which no longer serves me! Gratitude abounds! I thank Kali Mah and my High Priestess and you! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I am so grateful!

Sandhya D. Srivastava

Hi guys, it’s been two weeks since I had my one to one session with Chameice. It’s taken me all these days to figure out howbest to share my experiences following the session but, here we go: I am just so grateful and excited to say that I am now consistently more relaxed & peaceful with less anxiety & stress. My mind is much more quiet and my spirit is light.

I truly feel lasting moments of Pure Stillness and Mysterious, Joyous and reassuring sparks of “being at Home.”The heaviness and fuzziness that I have felt for years, has lifted and I felt the lift right away! I occasionally feel teary but I get warm tears of relief not the burning dry tears of despair and confusion. I bet I won’t ever have to mention them “D” & “C” words ever again… but I had to bring them up just to acknowledge them for while I knew what they made me feel like, I now can tell the difference between emotional prison and Pure Love xx. Thank you Chameice

Anne Hlatshwayo

Dearest Chameice Daniel,
I had a session on Friday night and you left me with powerful insights, and thoughts about the situation regarding my love life ( I still await for the things to unfold, but I already feel empowered). In many weeks, I slept well. I don’t know what you did, but the next day I felt LOT better.
You came in not as a healer, but as a friend, who knows, who mentors. I love it when you help with your keen insights to genuinely help us. N we are just starting with group calls etc.
Your mp3s are powerful ( I have had many releases, and purgings, and still came back for more – going slow like the instructions.). I feel empowered to be “me”, and encouraged to shine my light( many “told” me for the sake of telling – but you guided…n the way you guided was beautiful. SO happy to have found a mentor n friend in you..
love and light

Sari Grace

This is an update of my life’s improvements thanks to my getting a BackStage Pass with Chameice Daniel on Jan 12. My Paradigm Shift began when I applied, nearly a week before our one hour session. Because Chameice can see energy flow, she explained why even Lightworkers would blame and “fire” me for problems that were really their own doing. I discussed this theory with professional Lightworkers familiar with the culprits. I finally have a solution and closure for something that’s been eating at me for years. I am keeping my energy field clear of other’s crud. Chameice calls this “cleaning your own headlights”. My (Discount) Shopping Angel manifested a real Headlight Cleaning Kit for $2, (reg. $25). My “idea balloons” used to be targeted. I now experience positive responses to my intentions. This is 180 degrees different. I dusted off “How to Write a Book Proposal”. The next day Balboa Press phoned me with a free 3-month membership to their new Author’s Learning Center. Less than a week after I submitted an Astrology article to a MENSA Regional Newsletter, I had two new clients ( through a different group!). And my first offer to recommend me to a whole network of people. I am dramatically healthier. I had asthma since a haybarn fire in Dec 2015. I was wheezing and coughing even with an inhaler, OTC cough medications, essential oils, antihistamines, Salt Vault sessions, Healing Touch, and a brief but disastrous attempt to cure it with prednisone. After my session with Chameice I had my first appointment with a new doctor. She prescribed a daily oral medication. I improved 90% within a week. And am no longer afraid I will be sick for the rest of my life. These examples are in response to what I learned from Chameice, because people are now “Seeing” me clearly and accurately. I get appropriate responses to my actions and intentions. I am recognized and rewarded.

Susan Bayard Rifkin

I just wanted to express my deep appreciation of the session I had with you. What a wonderful you are!! You put me at ease from the beginning and it felt like I was talking to a long tome friend.After the session my vibration was very high and so was my apartment,I barely felt entities. Till now , I am Calm, energized and “staying in my power “(No more playing small to make other people feel good )as you advised me.I feel lighter and full of hope for a new brighter future. Thank you !, thank you ! Much Love ???

Claudine Kamany

wahoo! My 1on1 with Chameice Daniel RH​ yesterday was the most powerful I have ever received and I recommend her 1on1s to any and all advanced lightworkers who feel they are not at their full potential. I was attracted to Chameice’s FHTJ offer especially this part: “Are you struggling to finally release the drama or pain of the past so you can finally be happy?” which I have been promised many times before, but Chameice actually delivered. Each session is customized to the unique you with the light beings she works with and her “claires” are all right on. She brought up that she saw I was not with a group of my same vibration and offered that there is a soul mate of a match vibration for me at a group using three distinct terms and after our 1on1, I googled those three terms and found there is a group exactly that 15 minutes from my home and I am so excited to go and meet everyone there at this week’s meeting! We covered several other issues as well that finally got resolved. Now that I do not have the limitations in place, I will be able to address future things like these myself which is the best result I could hope for in my healing. I am impressed that this is something that apparently is the same for everyone that has a 1on1 with Chameice as she said she specializes in advanced light workers and usually does not need to see them more than once but loves to hear from them on their new love, joy, and power. I share this with you not because Chameice Daniel RH asks her clients to share their experience, but because I am so excited about not just how much better my life experience will be but how much more helpful I can be in serving Earth/Gaia without the limitations in place and wonder would it not be awesome if ALL light workers were flowing in their full potential and power? What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful world this would be…..

Melinda Dixon

Hi Chameice,
Thanks for the wonderful, clarifying one on one session today. It left me feeling light and joyful more than if I had won a million dollars. After many years ,I finally feel I have a sense of purpose as the “missing part of the puzzle” was put in……..Thank you for your awesome gift……………much Love

Stephanie Davy

Thank you for the replay! Dear Chameice, I appreciate your words of wisdom, that forgiveness is a kind of soul-retrieval.
And that we need to feel, what works for us!❤
I experienced several teachers, who taught that their way – is the Right way…

Anna Ferrero

Chameice, I just wanted to thank you for the one on one call work we did. I feel so open to my creativity. Ideas are moving through my head even for my job and also for the ideas of a new business! You are fantastic. I so appreciate you! Many blessings and love!!!!

Sandhya D. Srivastava

I had a session Friday with Chameice Daniel & boy is she sweet!!! It was just like reconnecting with an old friend after a long time. She listens attentively and as she works on the issues, you can actually feel it on the physical body. She reignites your full trust in Miracles. During the 60mins session, much tension & confusion were released & peace took over. You are such a Blessing to the world Chameice Daniel. Bless you for sharing your Blessings with me & the world.?❤️??❤️

Love, Agnes

I believe that Chameice Daniel is “The Life Coach for Lightworkers ”. I feel as if I finally have an “Owner’s Manual” for my past, present and future. And it has a troubleshooting section ! Chameice understands how things really work, and was able to explain my life to me. Working with Chameice Daniel is a cost effective investment in having a Paradigm Shift for your life. On Feb 6 Chameice leads off Eram Saeed’s talented healers for the LOVE Global TeleSummit. Our session included Twin Flame insights, and that I had not yet met mine, and what our relationship could become. I read her website to prep for my appointment. The beautiful singing instantly made me feel better. I downloaded her free (“easy peasy”) “Steps to manifesting ALL you desire”. And listened to the “Love Reflections” guided meditation. It would have been difficult to choose which one of the 4 types of sessions she offers. I am amazed and grateful to Chameice Daniel and Eram Saeed, that my FHTJ-VIP BackStagePass appointment was for the extra special four-in-one combination ! Even before my one-hour appointment, I noticed things in my life were changing for the better.

Chameice is clear, direct, kind and generous, and has a great sense of humor. I instantly felt I was relaxing with a congenial and trustworthy mentor. And I got a full tank of the correct octane of emotional fuel. Chameice met me where I was. She was careful to figure out what I already knew, so that her explanations made sense to me. And she filled in some huge gaps I was not even aware of. I confided that I was lonely because several friends had “fired” me after I responded to their literal calls for help. I was sad, angry and confused.Chameice was helpful and humorous. She said that when people try to resonate with my higher vibration, they purge their lower vibration behaviors. But detoxing too rapidly is like the Herxheimer effect. And they blame me for how they feel. She taught me how to adjust my energy level like a dimmer switch, to keep it within a comfortable range for them. And cautioned that if their purge is too difficult it can result in depression or suicide, which I had seen. She counseled: They try to get you to take out their garbage for them. Your role is to tell them, “ here is the trash can so you can throw out your own garbage”. Chameice explained my Past and Present lifetimes in terms of my challenges and life purpose. She explained that I am a Starseed, with a multi-lifetime assignment to Planet Gaia. And described my role as one kind of Grid Worker. Which is why I rarely travel, and studied physics. Grid Workers shine a bright light, thus attracting some of the darkness and junk from the collective consciousness. This puts a film over my energy. So Chameice added energy to several of my chakras. She recommends weekly clean ups, so I can more easily stay in my own power, and repel the myriad of health issues. She laughingly agreed with my analogy. I used a powerful solvent to remove layers of damaged plastic that dimmed my “new” 10 year-old car’s headlights. I learned that after I resume my true role and finish writing my book, then Abundance will respond. I was doing the opposite by trying to fix my finances first. Thanks to Chameice I feel I have a map and a compass. Now I am more confident as I select and set my course for navigating my life, as Captain of my Own Ship.

Susan Bayard Rifkin

I’m very grateful to have had the pleasure of receiving a BSP with Chameice last week. Before the call I was feeling very down and after the call I felt a new sense of hope..Chameice brought up my energy for my solar and sacral charkras from 2% to 40%. She removed beings from my space and grounded me. She gave me a lot of tips on how I could keep my energies up and she gave me insight on what I thought was ADHD in me was really PTSD symptoms.The ease of speaking with Chameice and how she explained everything I was going through and how to take care of myself moving forward was so easy to understand. Thank you so much for the opportunity…..

Patty-Loraine Simo’n

Good News!
A few days ago I had my first VIP Backstage Pass. Excited to at last be gifted with a session, I chose my date, 17.01.17; leaving all expectations open, to allow the energies of the day to guide the communication. The generosity came from Chameice, an intuitive energy healer, NEW to FHTJ. I connected easily and quickly to her friendly and vibrant nature, and as the topic would be my choice, it was directed towards my financial and career story.vActually, quite a long story, but to cut that brief, Chameice could direct healing energies to my sacral chakra and solar plexus, which needed opening and grounding. I had sent a recent photograph just prior to our session, so she could tap into my energy field.No abundance blocks! Having been in a stale unhappy marriage for many many years, I had expected things pick up rapidly after he finally left in September last year. Surprisingly, I actually lost work! This, she explained,was because Spirt is allowing space for me to think and create my dream life. To move from surviving to thriving! Her guides communicated ” writing”. There is something I need to write, or do that concerns writing. Instinctively I know that in the process of writing, my dream vocation will manifest. Chameice will do energy work on me for the next 2-3 weeks. I promise to write whatever comes up during this time. Synchronicities then show up, once our path is opened. Now day 5, I can honestly say I feel somehow different. Truly! Something has happened. I feel calm, focused and empowered, despite the pile of unpaid bills and a reduced income, and a deep knowing……I am ready for the shift of my life!Thank you Chameice, and looking forward to your launching interview with Eram on 6 February

Johanna Furgoll

I had a backstage pass with Chameice Daniel yesterday and it was a very useful and insightful session. I had several topics to discuss – around patterns of behaviour, questions about my relationship and a question about my bigger mission. Chameice was quick to grasp the core of the issue or question, and to offer explanation of why or where this issue or model might have originated from and it all resonated with me. Some answers were eye opening and others re-confirmed my own thoughts and intuition. I felt Chameice was really trying to understand and help and I was so grateful for the opportunity to work with her!! She lifted some negative energies and cut cords and she said that one model I have borrowed from my mom was so stuck that it was not easy to shift, but she stayed on it and in some time she managed to make a change. Then she cleared some energy patterns for my feeling of lower self-worth and view on money, which was great!! Great answers and energy help with issues related to my relationship (or my interpretation of them)… At one point I started feeling physically unwell – heaviness in my chest, solar plexus tension and tears to my eyes so I am sure the energies have started detaching from their cozy long-standing place. I could not go to sleep very easily – I felt awake and active probably because the energies were making their way out……It was very generous of Chameice’s to do a full 60 minutes session – sufficient time to work on several issues. I feel enlightened, calmer and more within my core self. Thank you very, very much to Chameice Daniel. I truly recommend her as a person to open up to and an energy healer! Much Love

Milena Karakasheva‎

I had a backstage pass to work with Chameice Daniel on Tuesday. I felt completely at ease talking with her. She quickly and accurately tuned into the power struggle I have with my younger daughter (11). She was able to sense the main reason for this was that my sacral and solar plexus chakras were running very low, affecting my personal power. She has set up energies to run over the next few weeks to re balance this. She also worked on unhooking other peoples energies that are draining me. I spend most of my time exhausted and overwhelmed. She gave excellent advice about the need to set boundaries, starting with my children. She also picked up on dark energies around my daughters other family tree, she worked on clearing that. During the call, I asked about why I had suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for so long when I was younger. It was a lesson in self love. I have always put my daughters first, but know I realize I have to put myself first to bring me back to balance. I was stressed before the call, by the end I was feeling much happier and very positive. It was a wonderful opportunity, I have a renewed sense of hope. Thank you?

Mary Gallacher

I sent Chameice pictures of myself and my partner for our session and asked her to read the energy signatures so I could have clarity about the direction of our relationship. She was extremely accurate and even described him as a “gypsy soul!” This describes him perfectly. She further explained that our relationship is a perfect energetic match for me currently because it supports my empowered energy; That he helps me stay in my power and allows me to step out of co-dependency patterns that many cultures consider love. She identified that he helps me understand unconditional love on a deeper level. She described our unique love signature without me saying anything. I also asked her if she could assist me in better understanding the rebellious nature of my daughter and she explained the situation perfectly and accurately. I now have a better understanding as to what my daughter is experiencing emotionally and can try to take the necessary steps to help her move forward. I would highly recommend Chameice as her sessions are as informative as they are accurate in assisting you to find the peace to move forward.

Eram Saeed- Creator of the From Heartache To Joy Global Tele-Summit

I was referred to Chameice by a dear friend. When we first connected, I could immediately sense her warmth and nurturing side. She had me explain my challenges to her and the reasons for my recent anxieties. She was so patient and forthcoming on the vibrations around me and explained my personality (and my partners) to a tee. In her dialogue with me, she was sensitive in delivering messages and the energies around me that perhaps I wanted to stay ignorant about. At the same time, she cleared my cords and negativity to help me in my journey of self-love. She was truly invested in me in every sense and the sensitivity she carried for me and my anxieties were so admirable. After our session, she promptly followed up with a healing tape and a recording of our session. The very next day I wanted to seek some clarity around something that came up during our session so I reached out to her again. She took the time to clarify and answer my question. She’s a wonderful healer and in fact the blessing was mine that I had the opportunity to connect with her. She gave of her time freely to me and really helped direct me down a healthier, happier and more loving path. Thank you Chameice. Love and blessings.

Nelsha Nanji

I had the pleasure of receiving a BSP with Chameice Daniel last week! I wasn’t sure what to expect, however I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was clear, approachable and spoke to me like we were old friends “catching up”. This was so important to me because it truly allowed me to say exactly what I wanted to say – not just what I thought would be “spiritually acceptable”. ?

She also allowed me to choose my topic/issue rather than telling me what she felt needed clearing. In other words, the sky is the limit and she is ready to handle anything you might throw at her.

As we spoke, the heart wall clearing she did was both gentle and empowering and helped to clear some of the fog in areas where I can sometimes get scattered – she also mentioned that the energy would continue to work for the next couple of weeks. (a nice bonus!)

I also felt comfortable enough to ask her to clarify some info that other spiritual teachers have given in the past because I find you can literally get lost in trying to “get it right”. There is so much information out there, that it can sometimes be confusing. Her answers were simple and clear. Clarity is definitely under rated lol!

There were no lengthy prayers, or rituals, or heavy breathing to perform throughout the discussion, which helped to make the session both focused on conversation and relaxing – all the while the energy was working gently…

I have always appreciated my healing sessions with other teachers, however I have often felt that I would have liked to spend a little more time with them, to better understand what was happening. Chameice on the other hand, spent a full hour of her time, making sure my questions were answered, clearing what needed to be cleared and leaving me feeling empowered and strong.

I truly appreciate the gift of this session and feel privileged to have met such a generous healer. Thank you Chameice for giving me such a wonderfully empowered start to 2017!

Marie Doherty

I was lucky to receive one of the VIP BackStage Passes to work with Chameice Daniel RH. She is great to work with. She explained exactly how she works. I still was affected by the triggering of my co-worker’s death. On the call I was vibrating at a 5. Chamiece worked with me and I could feel energy moving through my body. She had told me Shannon’s energy was not gone from this earth and that she was connected to me. Chamiece was able to send Shannon’s energy to Source. By the time she did this I moved to a two and I was feeling energy moving out of me. I reached a 0 finally. Chamiece also saw my abundance come back to me. I really needed that. I felt stagnant in that area because I was not able to get the loan with a bank I was trying to connect with. She also told me the money would come from an investor not a bank. She also told me i needed to focus on what I was trying to create. I am putting in too many orders to the universe that are not clear for the Universe on what I am trying to create. I am putting in the order for money to create my holistic healing center in St. Maarten to be run from my B&B/home. I am also moving forward in my certification in sound therapy massage with Tibetan bowls. I hope to make this my career change. It is Sunday night and I had my appt with Chamiece on Saturday at 3:45 pm EST. Today I lived in clarity — no haziness, no feelings of stagnation, no feelings of not being able to move forward and being in the past. I was focusing and actually cleaned today. I have not been able to clean for a week and half. I was able to focus my mind on my schedule. I feel new again. I felt yesterday when Chamiece said my abundance came back — I saw my path right in front of my body with sunshine and light. I saw no obstacles. I am renewed in 2017. This year has been inspiring already for me. All this has brought me to my future — I will be a healing practitioner in sound therapy. Through this Holistic Healing Center I will be able to create crystal bowl music therapy mp3s. My future is now coming to meet me in the best way possible! Thank you FHTJ, Eram Saeed, andChameice Daniel RH. Love and Light for this unexpected joyful and healthy restart! I am in my neutral creative zone and I see happiness and joy in front of me on my path. Many blessings to all!!! I am very grateful for this BackStage Pass!

Sandhya D. Srivastava

I am so grateful for my session with Chameice, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me and I am ready, willing and able to move forward. The validation of my intuitive senses was so helpful, more than i can put into words. Thank you Chameice!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam Chapman

Chameice worked on my heart and soul. I had a lot of layers of blocks from my childhood that I needed to release because I was always expected to be perfect. Chameice helped me to realize that I have trouble staying grounded and this can increase the frequency and pain of my anxiety and fears. She grounded me and I can now control my anxiety. She helped me release my perfectionism by replacing it with joy, so I could stop people pleasing and enjoy my life. Since my session I haven’t had anxiety attacks, I’ve had a lot of energy when I was always tired before, and now I don’t mind taking care of my own needs like before. When I am under pressure at work I can handle it much better; I used to panic and run, now I know I can handle it.

Meryl Norton

My father had recently become ill and we took him to a local doctor in Erfoud. The local doctor told him that he was just dehydrated and need to drink more water. I told Chameice about the situation and she confirmed that he was dehydrated, but also said that his heart was becoming weak from working too hard to pump his blood. She said that his blood was very thick and he needed medicine so it could slow down and not work so hard causing more problems. My father got worse after visiting the local doctor so we took him to a hosital in Fez and everything Chameice said about my father’s heart was confirmed after testing. He was immediately put on medicine. She is extremly accurate! I would highly recommend her for anything you need to know more about in your life!

Said Aabou- Co-Owner of SoulFull Travel Adventures

Chameice did an amazing healing on me! I could feel her pulling something out of me that felt like a string, so I asked what she was doing and she confirmed that she was indeed pulling something out in that exact spot! She then moved on to another spot and it felt like she was cutting something out (a karmic containment unit) a little lower and again I asked and she confirmed that she was doing exactly what I felt all without actually touching me! She filled the spaces with healing energy and I could feel all of this as well. She also healed what she called negativity bites from negative people trying to attach their energy to mine. I couldn’t believe how much better my back felt after she was done. I felt so much better that I asked her to work on my husband too. She is an amazing healer that takes everything away that no longer serves you and fills it with love and peace. I highly recommend her!

Patti Sexton- Owner of Patti’s Paradise

My session with Chameice was absolutely amazing. The energy she channeled and brought through was palpable. She comes from a place of pure light and love and you feel lighter right from the start. She is incredibly intuitive and combines many different techniques into one session. The amazing part about our session was that i did not give any details to Chameice about my life, all i gave her was mine and my husband’s pictures and she gave me a 100% accurate reading of us as a couple and as individuals. My main intention was to find out why life was throwing curve balls at us one after the other. Chameice’s intuitive sense of what was going on with my husband professionally was incredibly accurate. Chameice was on the mark, She was exact, and very detailed. She was also very gentle in her words and approach creating a very safe environment where you can release with even more ease. She is a gem and I warmly recommend her. 

With Love, Sam

I want to tell you about the reading I received today: I do not have words powerful enough to describe the blessing I gained from both the reading and energy cleansing. I had been drained of energy for quite some time from giving it away to the wrong people, I needed guidance because I had reached a point of extreme self doubt and unclear thinking. That is no more, I feel like an elephant has been lifted off me and that the muddy waters are now clear. I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given me. Love,light, and many blessings heaped on to you-you glorious, gorgeous soul! ❤️

Angela Shoffner

Chameice was incredibly insightful and a joy to speak with! She was incredibly patient, down to earth, and kind. I would encourage anyone to embrace a similar opportunity to experience her gifts. Thank you, Chameice!

Jane Vandy

Chameice is one of the most inspiring people I know. She is a positive person that knows how to help you with the areas that need attention. She is exciting with a lot of experience. She is a wonderful, authentic, and loving Intuitive Counselor that honors your space and can assist anyone in setting healthy boundaries. It’s my honor to have her work with me on the areas I needed extra love with.

Patti Sexton

I had a reading on phone with Chameice Daniel and the way she picked up energy was unbelievable. She talked to me for more than an hour very patiently. And also did energy clearing. I couldn’t believe and everything seemed to make sense. I was having a hard time in my relationship that i believe is a twin flame relationship. We are completele opposite of each other still we got along so well initially but then we got involved with other people and things changed. Our relationship fell apart because of lack of communication and past hurt and alot more. I tried to help my twin and change things but after talking to Chameice I realized I was doing it in a wrong way. I am more evolved than my twin. And he is spiritual but not like me. It is a period of separation. And I am doing things the way I should. Its our time to work on ourselves. And become one when we both love ourselves unconditionally.

Palak Gill

No matter how I’m feeling you always help me refocus and release negativity. Your love and light spreads peace and happiness to so many. Thank you for making our world more beautiful ? Namaste

River Craufer

I loved my session. It was right on, and let me know that I’m on the right track. ..thank you so much!!!

Samantha Keosi

I absolutely loved this!!!

Pamela Fields

Chameice is a gifted and powerful healer who is full of wisdom and compassion. She is both grounded and insightful. Working with her is a true gift and blessing.

Scott Goolsby

Chameice is truly a enlightened soul, just being around her will lift your spirits in ways you never knew where possible. I would highly suggest a session to anyone. Your soul will thank you for it.

Jaison Daniel

This Woman is Wonderfully Amazing!! I’ve been smothered in my own chest for so long with a million brick walls it felt like and it only took her a second to lower those walls! I finally feel free of the past that had been weighing me down my whole life. This Beautiful Soul Chameice can work wonders!! I could never thank you enough! I am forever grateful!!!! ???

Kaylyn Shoffner

Today I had the most amazing reading with Chamice. She clearly gave me the answers regarding what I have been looking for. She is energetic, genuine and very down to earth. I felt completely at ease and comfortable as she is truly on point with her guidance and gave very practical tips to assist me in furthering my journey. It was an all around great experience and so grateful to have received this opportunity! Thank you so much!

Whitney Arthur