The hardest part of leveling up your life?

Mastering balance and flow!!!

Balancing where you are with where you want to go and letting the in between flow❤️

Anytime you want to level up anything in your life (abundance, purpose, passion, love) it is important to remember you would already have it if you weren’t resisting it on some level.

When we want something it is because we know on a soul level we can have it. It was meant to be part of our journey. The only thing that makes creating it difficult is resisting the old programs or layers rising up for release that told us “it isn’t possible.” “ It isn’t for us.”

The truth is anytime we are leveling up, resistance WILL rise! Always! Count on it! If we didn’t have resistance we would create it effortlessly without a second thought. That second thought is resistance.

That is you playing two programs side by side. The old and the new. Your soul’s knowing and a agreement. And that, divine soul, is OK!!! Better than ok because that is where your power resides✨

When you are creating all that you desire all the disempowering programs you have picked up that cause resistance to creating it will rise up to be released…this is very important to the creation process because we need to eradicate them to make space for what we really want!!!

The only reason we don’t create what we want is because we let those old programs stop us instead of releasing them so that our movement forward, into something better, is rushing out all that is less than what we want. Instead of realizing the resistance is progress, we judge it and ourselves, which lowers our vibration knocking us out of our divine knowing and power. We get off the vibrational highway that leads us to our desire.

So when you are leveling up remember: balance and flow!!!

Balance the old leaving and the new coming in at the same time and let it flow in and out!!!

You’ve got this, divine soul! You are a master creator.

The rest is just dust in your rear view mirror