Today’s conversation with spirit

Today’s conversation with spirit was a big aha for me, so I thought I would share because it might resonate with others…

Spirit: “You asked to be a pure channel of Unconditional Love and sovereignty and you are fulfilling that now…as a channel, that requires you to hold the vibration and allow others to access it when they are ready.”

Me: “What about in relationship dynamics where you feel yourself being pulled off because they are still in conditional love? I see this so often when people are aligning with these vibrations and haven’t stabilized them yet? They have a very hard time maintaining the high vibrations of Unconditional Love and sovereignty with such deep contrast in their current relationship dynamics.”

Spirit: “We allow. We allow them the same time and process we went through. We practice being Unconditional and sovereign. Unconditional and sovereign isn’t when I’m ready you should be too. It isn’t controlling another’s emotional responses. It isn’t telling them what the journey should be.

It is patience. It is allowing them time to find their way and balance. It is trusting everything is moving into everyone’s highest expression and truth. It is speaking your truth and allowing others to do the same. It is taking a breath and taking care of yourself when you feel the need to control something that isn’t going the way your mind tells you it should.

Human perspective is very limited. Humans fail to see how beautifully the path is unfolding. The mind likes to control the unfolding. It likes to pull on the pieces so they no longer fit together down the road. This is the cause of long term suffering. Lack of sovereignty and unconditional love towards self and others.

When we allow the great unfolding with sovereignty and unconditional love, it all flows into exactly what we want. We are always lining things up perfectly, one step building future steps.

Our relationships are no different. Allow it to unfold. Allow yourself room to grow and allow their growth. It is only your human perspective that can’t see the future lining up perfectly. Go higher.”