We are in the middle of some potent cosmic soul medicine!!!

We had a beautiful 6:6 Gateway that triggered our deepest remembrance of Unconditional Love at the beginning of the month, then a powerful super new moon a couple days ago ( one of three coming over the next few months), and we are heading into the solstice, so you are probably feeling the squeeze!!!

What does all this Cosmic medicine mean and what is the point?

Well, dear soul, to put it simply…it is pushing out all of the bs you have accumulated that blocks your true sight of self!?

It is stirring a deep soul remembrance of who you truly are before everyone and everything else told you otherwise. Before you lost yourself in the programs and agreements about what “should” make you happy and who you “should” be.

It is activating your voice, your power, your sovereignty to awaken you into your divinity. It is assisting you in lining up everything you truly desire, but have put on hold because something made you believe your desires are limited.

The more you resist these upgrades and changes in yourself, the more suffering you will experience. It is only painful if you try to resist yourself. You can’t really escape yourself. You can try to stuff all those old, disempowering energies back down, but you are probably discovering that only hurts more too at this this point.

It is too late! Your soul heard the call to rise! It knows you are ready whether you feel ready yet or not. It is pulling anything that isn’t for your highest truth and good out. It is pushing you deeper than ever before.

The trick is to trust it and trust yourself. Your soul will never let you down. It always knows best, so listen. What is it showing you? What is it leading you towards? What makes you feel blissed out and what drains you?

These are the insights your soul is bringing to your conscious awareness, so you can begin to live on purpose with passion!!!

Don’t resist…let go and let it flow