Weekly Cosmic Blessings Energy Report


Hello Beautiful Souls!

What a POWERFULL week we are entering!! If you have felt overwhelmed by the fast pace and revelations of this year you are not alone! What a wild ride 2018 has proved to be. New revelations, revolutionary awareness, and off the charts energy has moved many into the great unknown…into unknown depths of reclaiming your power, unconditional love, purpose, and passion.

The intensity we have been feeling is the layers of the old, conditioned programs trying to be released. Layer by layer they are being peeled away to reveal the truth of who we really are. If you have felt increasingly rising emotions it is a sign you are resisting stepping into the new. Why would you resist everything you have ever wanted? Because these deep, eons old cellular programs are being triggered. As they are triggered so we can finally see them for the illusion that they truly are our comfort zone is stretched and our ego gets bruised. It becomes overwhelming to move forward quickly, so we struggle to hold onto anything that will create stability…even if it is old, outdated programs or dynamics that need to fall away.

But, we cannot resist the pull forward into our sovereign remembrance forever. Our souls have whispered to our conscious minds to awaken…to awaken to the light we thought we lost in the amnesia. To reconnect to all of who we are, but distanced ourselves from out of fear of being too much, too big, too bright.

Beloveds, it is time to pass out sunglasses to all you encounter that attempt to dull your shine for there is no going back! Any attempt to dull your shine and disconnect will feel down right painful at this point. THAT, bright one, is the root and source of the pain you feel…nothing else! You know, if even subconsciously, it is time. It is YOUR time. You have been called to rise. Resisting on any level causes a fracturing of mind, body, and spirit. A split into past and present.

We ARE moving forward. Are you ready? Today the pre-shadow period of the Venus retrograde begins! This only happens every 18 months and it is a power-packed period that will deep clean your life on every level. Venus retrogrades are known to revel deep insights and truths that we have ignored for far too long. They will push us to move forward, so it is best to begin clearing and aligning gracefully now to avoid any unnecessary overwhelm during the retrograde period October 5- November 16! This six week period will be the most powerful of 2018. ALL of 2018 was leading up to this. This is our grand opportunity to go big and get on track IF we utilize and maximize the full potential of this six week period by being responsible creators.

Responsibility creates sovereignty. KNOWING that you and only you have complete choice and power to move into anything you desire one step at a time is what leads you into a life you love. If you would like to move into your divinity and master creator potential as quickly as possible, but feel blocked, feel resistance, self-sabotage, hooks, programs, or past life issues causing chaos my new Mentorship program would be perfect to help you restructure and re-pattern so you can use this beautiful six week period to your fullest potential. For the next week, until the 9:9 gateway, ALL of the Mentorship programs are 10% OFF with full payment! Check out the programs here:


This week will reveal the ‘big picture’ to us! It will urge us to see things as they truly are, not as we wish they would be. If we are focused into the probability field (Matrix) it will try to loop us back into dis-empowerment with distractions, conflict, power struggles, and glitches. Taking time daily for energy management and recharging will be vital. During this pre-shadow period, the collective purge of billions of people sharing Gaia will be easily absorbed and overlay into your energetic field if you are not using your energy tools to stay clear and protected! Please be vigilant with this until after the Venus retrograde to ensure creating the highest timelines possible. If you have difficulty maintaining a strong daily energy management practice our Monthly Cosmic Blessings recording will be perfect for you. It is energetically infused with a guided meditation and much more just for the energies of the month to keep you in tip top shape! Check them out here:


This week, x marks the spot as a multitude of planets create a cosmic x alignment. Is this the sign you have been waiting for to move forward with your grand visions of your life’s potential? Have you been waiting for a cosmic nudge to step out of fear and limitation? I would suggest to look up! Your sign has arrived this week! Saturn is helping you fulfill your true life’s direction this week. Have you been actioning what has been arising? Or have you been resisting where your soul is trying to lead you out of fear of not ‘knowing, having, or being’ everything you need to fulfill it? Are you asking for more insight, abundance, love, or passion in your life, but walking past the open doors the universe is placing before you out of habit? Are you craving a change, but don’t know how to begin? The Universe and your soul are always trying to get your attention…the trick is to slow down and listen.

They speak in whispers, desires, and synchronicities. They are never loud or forceful. They will patiently wait for the moment you CHOOSE to connect with them and work with them, so you must make time to do so. It is up to you to connect daily, so you receive their assistance and guidance. What desires have been arising for you that you have been ignoring or putting off for later? Have you always wanted to consciously work with energy? To learn about your Clairs, to connect with your divine team, or be a SoulFull Alchemist?

If this has been a desire for you, but you didn’t know where to begin you no longer have an excuse to ignore the pull you are feeling…We are now filling spots for our upcoming SoulFull Alchemist Certification Course! Be a Certified Intuitive Coach in only 8 weeks! Learn all of the basics about Clairs, Intuition, Energy Management, Past Life Readings, Akashic Readings, Aura Readings, Mediumship Readings, Animal Readings, and even how to start your own Intuitive business! Classes begin 10:10 (October 10th). Contact me for more information if interested. Limited Space Avaiable


Another dynamic that will arise over this week is a deeper balancing of masculine and feminine. This can cause a beautiful rebalancing, within and without, if we are consciously aware of what is happening so we can assist it moving into harmony gracefully. Many people will see this play out in their relationships if they have not been doing their daily energy management, have been avoiding ‘seeing the truth’, or haven’t been speaking their truth. The easiest and fastest way to keep relationships on track is to make sure we are doing OUR energy work daily to stay clear and in our power. If we are allowing old stagnant energies to build up, old patterns to overlay, not releasing ancestral/family patterns, or are absorbing the collective purge it will cause tremendous problems via interference.

This year we have felt the masculine/feminine rebalancing globally. Many people do not know how to consciously move into harmonious balance and this is causing them to move into a power struggle with the opposite sex. Many ‘movements’ are confirmation of this global power struggle. Many are moving into a ‘fight against’ something. This is only a illusion of stepping out of the old because it is only moving the ‘fight against’ into another form. Harmony will never be created in ‘fight’. So what is the solution? Sovereign responsibility! You must take responsibility for YOUR energy output. We lead by example. We speak our truth. We walk away when necessary. We focus on only that which we desire more of NEVER what we desire less of. We stay solution oriented by only focusing on problems long enough to understand the patterns WE desire to alchemize.

The divine feminine is being called to rise out of her slumber. The feminine polarity is intuitive and creative, whereas the masculine polarity is action oriented. Perfect balance of the two, within and without, is necessary to fully manifest all that we desire. We must intuit and then action to manifest in the physical realm. Balancing the masculine and feminine polarities within ourselves first and then in our relationships. To work with our natural biology and energy, the feminine must rise and learn to lead, for it is the feminine that knows the steps the masculine needs to action. In order to create masculine/feminine harmony, the feminine must first make self care and energy management a priority to avoid being sucked into a power struggle because (she) FEELS power-less. The feminine must clear the masculine and feminine energy daily until harmony is reached and the masculine has reached a level of conscious awareness to fully participate. Blame and shame for the masculine’s lack of conscious awareness is a waste of energy. Is the divine feminine speaking (her) truth CONSISTENTLY? Is the divine feminine taking responsibility for (her) daily creations and energy? Is the divine feminine honoring (her) sovereignty and the sovereignty of the masculine? If the answer is yes to all of the above…why is the divine feminine still playing with a divine masculine that isn’t a harmonic match to where (she) is at the present moment? Be a responsible creator and walk away.

As we have now moved into September the energetic push to be responsible and sovereign creators will only intensify. If you are feeling pushed to move into bigger expressions of passion, purpose, love, or abundance NOW is the time to responsibly move into changes that support your deepest desires or they will only intensify. Our hearts and souls are pushing us and the Universal energies are supporting us…we can no longer escape the discomfort of our own complacency.

Some of us have been moving very quickly into exactly what we desire more of with the divine assistance of the accelerated cosmic energies. Expect more doors to open and for things to only get better! You are on a roll, beloved! Don’t stop now.