When did you agree you are not enough?

Where is that disconnection being held within your body and life?

If your body isn’t flowing into health and vitality, when did you start telling it that it wasn’t good enough? When did you begin to close yourself off from your divinity? The part of you that knows how to rejuvenate? The part of you so in your absolute power you know you are a miracle and as such, a creator of miracles!!!

If your life isn’t flowing into abundance and bliss, when did you start believing that you are unworthy? When did you begin to close yourself off to all that you desire? Seeing other people creating beauty and joy in their lives saying “that’s not for me. I can’t have that. I won’t have that.”

You, divine soul, were born to create magic!!!

You, divine soul, have power running through your veins!!!

The ONLY thing holding you back is the fog of programs that block your remembrance and true sight of self! If you have felt plagued by these dynamics your entire life they are probably from a past life, picked up from your mother while in the womb, or from early childhood.

It is time to remember!!! It is time to release the fog of amnesia and create miracles.

We do this by clearing our energy daily to minimize outside interference and going within daily to ask what we need to build trust with ourselves again.

Interference from the collective, family, friends, or ego is loud…it is disempowering…it is problem focused…it is fearFULL. “You are not enough as you are” “You need more” “They are better” “Life will never get better”. The outside noise must be cleared to hear your soul whispers.

You, divine soul, whisper your soul secrets to yourself. “You are beautiful” “You are a Goddess/God” “You can have anything you want, let me show you how” “Let me open that door for you” “Let me remind you of all of your gifts” “I love you”

Who are you listening to and focusing on?